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Gathering actionable feedback from employees can be a challenge. With DEX Insight's browser extension, tap into real-time, in-the-moment feedback. Understand their digital journey and transform insights into action.

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Be the Digital Experience Maestro. Harness the power of DEX Insight's analytics. Deliver insights that not only drive business growth but also position you as the strategic leader your company needs.


Elevate Your Digital Strategy. With DEX Insight's sophisticated tool evaluation, step up as the visionary leader who bridges the gap between technology and employee satisfaction.


Optimize your tech stack with DEX Insight. Surpass targets, achieve team bonuses, and ensure your investments are working for you, not against you.

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Unveiling the Hidden Layers of Digital Excellence.

In a digital-first world, every moment counts. DEX Insight isn't just another tool; it's your compass in the digital landscape.

Every day without it means unseen inefficiencies and unheard voices. Why settle for 'business as usual' when excellence is within reach?

With DEX Insight, transform your digital strategy and set a new standard.

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What are you working on?

Supplier renewal decision...

...with focus not just on how they have been doing, but what needs to change and any contractual or financial leverage points.

Proof of concept evaluations...

...from users’ points of view.

Performance improvement plan compliance... underperforming supplier improving per promised plan.

SAAS completeness wants and needs... text feedback analysis to identify pain points and incomplete solutions.

M&A Integration effectiveness...

...such as having to move new org from Mac to PC platforms

Current Digital Experience Landscape...

... to include not only the SAAS application, but the support and supplier.

Internal Business SAAS solutions effectiveness... determine whether the various business entity leaders (e.g, finance, HR, contracts, supply chain, IT, sales, marketing, security, etc.) feel their business requirements are understood and being met across their organizations.