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Real-Time Feedback

Just like a master brewer carefully selects the right blend of ingredients for the perfect craft beer, DEX Insight helps you craft the perfect tech stack for your business.

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With DEX Insight's powerful analytics, you'll be the one delivering insights that drive business growth - and getting the recognition you deserve.


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Digital employee experience

A Loyal Companion

DEX Insight is like your loyal companion, always there to guide you through the complex landscape of business systems.

Managing your tech stack without proper insight is like brewing a beer without tasting it. DEX Insight gives you the perfect blend of data for a well-rounded decision-making process.

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What are you working on?

Supplier renewal decision...

...with focus not just on how they have been doing, but what needs to change and any contractual or financial leverage points.

Proof of concept evaluations...

...from users’ points of view.

Performance improvement plan compliance... underperforming supplier improving per promised plan.

SAAS completeness wants and needs... text feedback analysis to identify pain points and incomplete solutions.

M&A Integration effectiveness...

...such as having to move new org from Mac to PC platforms

Current Digital Experience Landscape...

... to include not only the SAAS application, but the support and supplier.

Internal Business SAAS solutions effectiveness... determine whether the various business entity leaders (e.g, finance, HR, contracts, supply chain, IT, sales, marketing, security, etc.) feel their business requirements are understood and being met across their organizations.