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The fastest, easiest and most accurate way to understand the experience your teams have with their digital workplace.

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With DEX Insight’s application usage analytics, you'll see where your teams are spending their time to understand the tools that are and are not driving value for your business.


Collect sentiment while employees use any internal or licensed software application to support data driven decisions about the tools and applications in your tech stack. 


Simply install DEX Insight in the background on your employee’s devices and browsers in minutes.  Soon you’ll have an understanding of the sentiment, usage and return on tech of any tool in your company’s stack.

Digital employee experience

Today, Everyone is a Digital Employee

We all depend on software to do our work. The problem is, most digital transformation efforts result in bloated tech budgets with lots of waste and frustrated employees with too many tools.

Our goal is to improve the relationship that teams have with their technology to make a happier, more productive workforce who aren't dependent on tools that aren't suited for their tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is implementation ?

Other DEX or EUEM solutions will cost you millions and take months to get live. With DEX Insight you can have your DEX program stood up in hours and configured in minutes.

Is there training and onboarding?

Yep! You'll have a Digital Intelligence Manager to help you configure and measure any or every software application without needing to rely on any of your own development cycles.

Will I be charged sales tax?

Yes. We will apply state and local sales tax to your total charge based on your billing address for states where we are legally obligated to collect sales tax. If you are tax exempt you must provide us with a valid tax exemption certificate authorized by the appropriate taxing authority.

How long is a pilot?

We offer a free 30 day, white glove, pilot. Simply schedule a call or email and we'll follow up within 24 hours to help you set up your pilot together.

What forms of payment do you accept?

DEX Insight is available for annual subscriptions and we can issue an invoice payable by bank transfer or check. Please contact us to arrange an invoice purchase.

How do I contact support?

Email and we'll respond within within 24 hours.

How secure is DEX Insight?

Protecting the data you trust to DEX Insight is our first priority. DEX Insight uses physical, logical, and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your information. DEX Insight is exploring ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 certifications and as the business matures we'll have the resources to invest in these certifications.



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