Track Any Application's Usage & Gather User Feedback
in Minutes, Not Months

The First and Only Browser Extension to Quickly and Easily Measure Monthly Active Users of Any Licensed or Internal App. Plus, In-App Feedback for Enhancing High-Traffic Workflows.

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Harness Analytics for Strategic Growth:

Command your enterprise software suite with our Monthly Active User Report. DEX Insight provides granular analytics tailored for high-stakes environments, driving strategic decision-making and solidifying your status as the pioneering leader your firm demands.

Bridge Gaps with Targeted Feedback:

Elevate your firm's digital strategy with bespoke feedback integration. DEX Insight's nuanced feedback collection pinpoints usage gaps in high-compliance sectors, enabling you to forge a path to unmatched technology alignment and user efficiency.

Immediate Impact with Streamlined Tools:

Transform insights into action at record speed. DEX Insight's agile implementation—via a non-intrusive browser extension and desktop agent—catapults your consultancy to the forefront of innovation, ensuring your tech investments yield immediate, tangible returns.

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Digital employee experience

Set the New Standard in
User Experience Excellence

DEX Insight is your strategic partner in redefining the standards of user interaction and satisfaction. We go beyond analytics to provide actionable insights that resonate with the sophistication of your services.

Our tools are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow, offering immediate insights with minimal disruption. The intuitive reports from our Monthly Active User Report illuminate opportunities for increased engagement and highlight the strengths in your current software suite.

By leveraging user feedback effectively, we ensure that every tool in your arsenal is not only utilized but optimized for peak performance, aligning with the stringent demands of your industry.

DEX Insight is more than a solution—it’s an elevation of your digital experience strategy. Embrace the power of AI-enhanced analytics and step into a future where every decision is data-driven, every investment is justified, and every user becomes a champion of your digital ecosystem.

Unlock the full potential of your tech stack. Transform your digital strategy with DEX Insight—where excellence is just a click away.

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What about desktop apps?

DEX Insight offers both a Windows and OSx agent to track MAUs and gather feedback from desktop apps.

I'm concerned about security and privacy.

DEX Insight recieved it's SOC 2 Type 2 certification on Octover 5, 2023 and it's available upon request

What about multiple languages?

DEX Insight is available in 27 languages.

How does installation work?

The browser extensions can be remotely installed in the background from the admin settings of Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox, our supported browsers.

What data does DEX Insight process?

DEX Insight only tracks the applications that you have added designated in the tool configuration as part of the set-up. The data collected is just whether the logged in URL was viewed and we don't collect any sensitive data like keystrokes, screenshots, screen recordings, or any personally identifiable information.

How much does it cost?

You can expect to pay low 5-figures annually to start with the value and price scaling as you add end-users similar to other enterprise browser extensions like Grammarly, Groove, Zoominfo and Loom.