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8 Reports We Deliver

Workflow Efficiency Report: This report identifies bottlenecks in your tech stack by analyzing both feedback and usage data.

Redundancy Report: This report identifies applications that perform similar functions by analyzing usage data and team feedback.

Training Needs Report: This report highlights applications that are underutilized or improperly used, indicating where additional training is needed.

Application Performance Report: This report uses usage data to determine the performance of each application in your tech stack.

User Engagement Report: This report uses both feedback and usage data to gauge how engaged your team is with each application.

Resource Allocation Report: This report uses usage data to see how resources are being allocated across your tech stack.

Security Report: This report uses usage data to identify potential security risks.

Trend Analysis Report: This report analyzes both feedback and usage data over time to identify trends.

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10x More employee experience data in 1/10th the time


Empower your tech strategy with DEX Insight. Our browser extensions and desktop agents let you remotely gather real-time feedback, sentiments, and usage data from any internal or licensed business application. We'll not only generate crucial insights but also guide you on strategic actions to optimize your tech stack.

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10x More Data than email surveys


Harness the power of real-time feedback as your employees interact with any internal or licensed software application. Leverage these insights to make informed, data-driven decisions, ensuring your tech stack is optimized and effective.

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Simple & Powerful


Illuminate the shadows in your tech stack with DEX Insight. Our application usage analytics let you pinpoint where your employees are spending their time, allowing you to identify valuable tools and eliminate ineffective 'shelfware.'

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Power Your Business with DEX Insight - A Glimpse into Use Cases

Supplier renewal decision...
..with focus not just on how they have been doing, but what needs to change and any contractual or financial leverage points.
Internal SaaS solutions effectiveness...
... to determine whether the various business entity leaders (e.g, finance, HR, contracts, supply chain, IT, sales, marketing, security, etc.) feel their business requirements are understood and being met across their organizations.
SaaS completeness...
... wants and needs free text feedback analysis to identify pain points and incomplete solutions.
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